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Boom lifts come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some offer extreme access height while others are more focused on manoeuvrability. They are often referred to as cherry pickers, due to their use during fruit harvests, but they have a variety of functions across various industries including construction.

Boom Lift Cranes

Our range of boom lifts for sale

JLG boom lifts

JLG articulated boom
Articulated booms
JLG straight boom
Straight booms
JLG ultra boom
Ultra booms

Skyjack boom lifts

Skyjack articulated boom
Articulated booms
Skyjack straight boom
Straight booms


Genie articulated boom
Articulated booms
Genie straight boom
Straight booms


Service areas

Looking to purchase new or used boom lifts at your location? We have offices in urban, regional, and rural centres all across Australia.

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If you need to purchase boom lifts in Australia, Access Equipment Sales are right for you. We have a comprehensive range of trailer mounted boom lifts, track mounted spider boom lifts, articulated boom lifts, and telescopic boom lifts. Contact our team today to get a quote or to enquire about our services. Call us or use our online contact form.

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JLG Articulated Boom Lift

  • 10m-15m
  • 20m-30m
  • 40-50m

JLG Straight Boom Lift

  • 14m-20m
  • 20m-25m
  • 25m-30m

JLG Ultra Boom Lift

  • 38.58m
  • 43.15m
  • 47.72m
  • 58.57m

Skyjack Articulated Boom

  • 11.0m
  • 16.10m
  • 20.29m
  • 27.91m

Skyjack Straight Boom 

  • 15.75m
  • 22.19m
  • 28.21m

Genie Articulated Boom

  • 10m-15m
  • 15m-20m
  • 25m
  • 43m

Genie Straight Boom

  • 15m
  • 20m-30m
  • 40m-50m
  • 57m