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Our range of scissor lifts for sale

Scissor lifts provide stability and vertical access for working at height. They are ideal for indoor maintenance or outdoor construction tasks. We have a range of new and used scissor lifts available, with maximum working heights ranging from 5.72 metres to above 18 metres.

Scissor Lift Crane
Diesel Scissor Lift


Diesel scissor lifts

Diesel scissor lifts are powered by diesel engines and are typically designed for outdoor construction. They are often equipped with wheels to traverse rough terrain. They generally have larger maximum working heights and lifting capacities compared to other types of scissor lifts.


Electric scissor lifts

Electric scissor lifts are quieter and can operate for longer compared to an engine powered scissor lift. They are generally more suited for tasks such as indoor maintenance. However, some manufacturers such as JLG, Genie, Snorkel and LGMG also have electric scissor lifts designed to handle rough terrain and outdoor construction tasks.

Worker on a electric scissor lift

Our top-of-the-line fleet selection

JLG - Electric scissor lifts

JGL ES series
ES series
JGL R series
R series
JGL ER series
ERT series

JLG - Diesel scissor lifts

JGL diesel scissor lift
RT series

Skyjack - Diesel and electric scissor lifts

Skyjack scissor lift electric
Scissor lift electric
Skyjack rough terrain diesel
Rough terrain diesel

Genie - Electric scissor lifts

Genie electric drive
Electric drive
Genie standard drive
Standard drive
Genie rough terrain diesel
Rough terrain diesel

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Looking for new or used scissor lifts for sale where you are? We have offices all around Australia in urban, regional, and rural centres.

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JLG ES Series Electric Scissor Lift

  • 5.96m
  • 6.57m
  • 7.79m
  • 9.77m
  • 11.75m

JLG R Series Electric Scissor Lift

  • 7.62m
  • 9.60m
  • 11.58m
  • 13.79

JLG ERT Series Electric Scissor Lift

  • 9.98m
  • 12.06m
  • 14.27
  • 16.33

JLG RT Series Diesel Scissor Lift

  • 9.98m
  • 12.06m
  • 14.27
  • 15.11m
  • 16.33m
  • 18.15m

Skyjack Electric Scissor Lift

  • 6.44m
  • 7.65m
  • 7.95m
  • 9.79m
  • 9.82m
  • 11.65m
  • 13.86m

Skyjack Diesel Scissor Lift

  • 9.92m
  • 11.75m
  • 12.06m
  • 15.11m
  • 18.15m
  • 21.51m

Genie Electric Drive Scissor Lift

  • 6m-10m
  • 10m-15m

Genie Standard Drive Scissor Lift

  • 7.79m
  • 7.90m
  • 9.80m

Genie Diesel Drive Scissor Lift

  • 9.70m
  • 11.75m
  • 11.94m
  • 14.12m
  • 14.75m
  • 17.95m